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One common question which is being asked among most of the households after a youngster is completing his educational qualifications is that

What is next? , What are you going to do Next?

These questions are being asked irrespective of gender, creed, caste and background, it’s a question which will make youngsters perplexed or wonder……. We at Redhatsafety Training and Consulting Pvt. Ltd provide the precise answer for those countless questions thrown towards emerging youngsters and college goers, students.

Our Precise answer for such countless number of questions is “Nebosh”…..

So once an answer has been arrived immediately we will start to frame some more doubts about the answer “Nebosh”. There will be countless number of answers presented for the individual.

The questions related to Nebosh will be mostly from these areas

Why should we complete Nebosh?

What is Nebosh Course?

What is Nebosh IGC Course?

How to pass Nebosh IGC Course?

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Appearing in Nebosh Exams?

What is the Duration of Nebosh Course?

What courses are being offered by Nebosh?

What Material should we refer to pass Nebosh IGC ?

What is the Syllabus of Nebosh IGC?

First of all the question which is to be answered is

Why should we complete Nebosh IGC Course ?

Nebosh course is highly recommended for individuals ranging from fresher’s to experienced Individual’s “Acquiring Nebosh Certificate will actually allow you to gain an entry into the Evergreen Field of HSE ”

What is Nebosh Course ?

Nebosh is an abbreviation for the term - National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health.

Nebosh course is actually a health and safety oriented training or course with wide amount of technical diversity in its course content. The course is an essential prerequisite for most of the safety occupations present in India as well as overseas or abroad.

NEBOSH courses will range from the following diversified areas.

NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety

NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management

NEBOSH National Certificate in the Management of Health and Well-being at Work

NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management

NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

NEBOSH International Certificate in Construction Health and Safety

NEBOSH International Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management

NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety

NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management

NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Health and Safety Leadership Excellence

The courses devised by NEBOSH is extremely diverse and will cover multitude number of fields in the workplace and the content is actually entirely course specific in nature.

Why should we complete Nebosh IGC Course?

Nebosh IGC course is an occupational health and safety course which is important to individuals who are presently pursuing a career in occupational Health & Safety as well as for people who want to establish their career in health and safety. The Nebosh IGC course is entirely devised in such a way that the individuals who learn this course will have the following enhanced advantages, learning and completing Nebosh IGC Course will help an individual to

♦ Get a Breakthrough into the Field of Safety

♦ Existing Workers or Employees will enhance their knowledge in terms of occupational health & safety

♦ Fresher’s people who lack experience will gain an entry into the field of occupational health and safety

♦ Will also develop and implement enhanced workplace safety and culture

♦ Will increase the competence of the person in terms of skilled workplace activities

♦ Will also enhance an individual’s risk perception

♦ An individual will also gain immense knowledge in the field of safety

♦ If you want to pursue a safety job in abroad acquiring the qualification is important

♦ Nebosh course Syllabus is structured in such a way that it will entirely cover each and every aspect of Work Place environment

♦ Most of the recruiters Demand Nebosh certificate for safety related recruitment

♦ It gives a person or an individual an edge over other individuals or co-workers with respect to safety aspect.

♦ Acquiring Nebosh course will actually widen the career prospects of an individual

♦ Nebosh course certifications will be the key for changeover in job as well as it will be the gateway of entry to various Jobs in field of HSE