Everybody wants to get their dream job, but unfortunately most of us get stuck in realizing skills and knowledge needed to find the former. So following is a collection of skills needed to enlighten your future career.

Flexibility: Try to have an open mind and know how to put it into play. Having more cross-cutting skills, such as graduate in typing, possessing graphics skills, knowing how to be in touch with the co-workers is generally looked out in a candidate.

Rapidity: For example, to develop decision-making skills, it may be useful to practice sports like rope climbing. They will help develop a spirit of collaboration and speed of decision.

Creativity: To open your mind, stimulate curiosity and get out of the schemes you could for example devote yourself to a stimulating hobby that has nothing to do with the study path. You can also try to sketch some designs in a canvas to build your creativity skills.

Contacts: To extend your contact network, it is advisable to attend clubs, associations, different environments that allow you to get involved with more public.

Multitasking: It means possessing many different and transversal skills, they are obtained by combining training to work with internships, internships and examinations.

Spirit: Teamwork is another key skill to learn. For example, living with other students or doing team sports can be helpful in developing this soft skill.